with Kristen, Dax,
& Friends!


We created Hello Bello because parenting is hard. And near impossible to do alone.

Now we’re creating Camp Hello Bello... because parenting while being home all day is even harder. And we want to do it together (virtually, of course.)


We’ll have singing, dancing, storytime, and everything else you’d get from counselors by a lake in the summer.

Except it’s not summer. And we’re indoors. Okay, so this is a different kind of camp. Because the kids are at home, all day, and Camp Hello Bello is coming in to help fill the hours with some extra creativity. And it's all free to our community.


We know this is a hard time for so many in our community, Camp Hello Bello is our small way of supporting and connecting us.

We’ll be providing programming and activities for the community by the community. But we aren’t asking for free contributions. We’ll be compensating our counselors (creators). We know that right now especially, any little bit helps.


And every now and then we’ll work to get some extra special guests in for a little extra special fun.

If you want to apply to be a counselor, follow the link below. We ask that you bear with us as we sift through the requests and make selections. Thank you for being apart of our community.

Friday's End of Camp Blowout!

Kristen and Dax just couldn't let camp end without a proper sendoff, so they're bringing in their friends for Camp Hello Bello Blowout to celebrate YOU, the parents.

They'll be going Live at 5PM PT on YouTube and Facebook, and we have a special Live pre-show at 4:30PM PT on Instagram...

Instagram Live


5:00PM PT / 8:00PM PT
Camp Hello Bello Blowout with Kristen and Dax!
10:00 - 10:30a
Story time w/ Kristen Bell


Here are some fun activities for the family! Check back here as we'll work to get more in here every week. If you have some good ideas for community activities, reach out to us on social!

Session Highlights

Here are a few highlights from our recent programming.

Camp Counselors

Here are a few of the folks who have contributed to our camp fun!

Yes, we need you, the Hello Bello community, to be our camp counselors!

Looking for classes in singing, dancing, arts & crafts, cooking, and more quirky kid and parent fun!

Apply to Teach a Class